Jasusi Dunia / جاسوسی دنیا – Jild 01 – by Ibn-e-Safi

November 26, 2017

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Jasusi Dunia Jild 01 Contents

Diler Mujrim / دلیر مجرم

Is not just the first Inspector Faridi novel, but Ibne Safi’s debut novel too. Written in 1952, it introduces its readers to the dashing, cigar-smoking inspector from the Department of Investigation of an unnamed city. Helped by his sidekick. An effeminate and occasionally buffoonish sergeant named Hamid. Faridi enters the story of Diler Mujrim when an old lady, Savita Devi, is found stabbed to death in her sleep.

Her foster son, a brilliant young brain surgeon named Shaukat, is Faridi’s friend. He asks for his help. This isn’t a case that’s easily solved. Because while Faridi swiftly realizes that it was Shaukat who was the target, not his foster mother. There are plenty of twists and turns and odd characters. In the way for Faridi to contend with before he can get to the root of the mystery.

The best thing about Diler Mujrim is its pace and its language. The narrative is fast-flowing, uncluttered by unnecessary description. And the language is matter-of-fact, to the point, the dialogue crisp and real.


Khaufnak Jangal / خوفناک جنگل

             Is a spy novel, an independent part of 125-books series known as Jasusi Dunia. It is extremely impressive by its colorful characters, the scene setting, the development of story and a beautiful climax.

In an article I read that Ibn-e-Safi suffered from schizophrenia and that some of his characters were directly inspired by the voices that haunted him. He did a brilliant job of bringing them to life.


Aurat Farosh Ka Qatil / عورت فروش کا قاتل

is a brilliant mystery.


Tijori Ka Raaz / تجوری کا راز



Download and Read the Jasusi Dunia Jild 01 in Pdf file format.

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