Ay Allah Main Hazir Hoon / اے اللہ میں حاضر ہوں – by Jameel Yousuf

January 8, 2018

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Ay Allah Main Hazir Hoon – by Jameel Yousuf

Its a Safarnama e Hajj / سفر نامہ حج    by Jameel Yousuf.


About the Author

Jameel Ahmad was born in Chakwaal of district Jhelum in 1939. After finishing his M.A., he remained associated with teaching for some time. Later, he passed a competitive examination and became a rent controller in Rawalpindi. He is also very much into research and criticism. Initially, he was known as Jameel Ahmad, but since then, he has become Jameel Yousuf. Jameel was his pen name. Mouj-E-Sada, Gurezaan, Ghazal and Baber Se Zafar Tak are the collections of his works.



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