Jasoosi Dunia / جاسوسی دنیا Jild 19 – by Ibn e Safi

April 14, 2018

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Contents of Jasoosi Dunia Jild 19 Jasoosi Dunia Jild 19

جاسوسی دنیا جلد 19

  1. ZeHreelay Teer (The Poisonous Arrows) – 1957
  2. Paani ka DHuwAaN (The Water Smoke) – 1957
  3. LaaSH ka QeHqaHaa (The Laughter of the Corpse) – 1957
  4. Daaktar Dread (Dr. Dread) – 1957

About the Author (ابن صفی)


Introduction / تعارف

            Ibn-e-Safi (also spelled as Ibne Safee) (Urdu: ابن صفی) was the pen name of Asrar Ahmad (Urduاسرار احمد), a best-selling and prolific fiction writer, novelist and poet of Urdu from Pakistan. The word Ibn-e-Safi is an Arabian expression which literally means Son of Safi, where the word Safi means chaste or righteous. He wrote from the 1940s in India, and later Pakistan after the independence of British India in 1947.

His Work

His main works were the 125-book series Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) and the 120-book Imran Series, with a small canon of satirical works and poetry. Novels of him were characterised by a blend of mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, romance and comedy, achieving massive popularity across a broad readership in South Asia.

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Download and Read the Jasusi Dunia Jild 19 in Pdf file format.

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