Zaheer Ahmed

September 15, 2018

Zaheer Ahmed / ظہیر احمد

Zaheer Ahmed is a Pakistani writer, who began his career by writing short stories for children. After his own teacher Mazhar Kaleem‘s health began failing, Ahmed took over writing the Imran Series, along with Safder Shaheen, Irshad Al Asar Jaferi, Ali Hasan Gilani and Khalid Noor, under the aegis of Arslaan Publications.

His Work

Zaheer Ahmed started writing Short Stories for children under the aegis of Yousuf Brothers. He started the Imran Series with his first novel Crystal Bullet, published by Arslan Publications. Mazhar Kaleem wrote preface of that book. After the 25th novel (Faraasko Headquarters), he left writing for almost two years. His novel Surakh Qayamat was successful within the circle of Imran Series readers.
In December 2012 Arslaan published Golden Crystal, which, at more than 1000 pages, is his lengthiest novel to date. The story is set in the Sahara Desert, and features Ali Imran, Colonel Fareedi, Major Permood, Colonel David, and the agents of Zero Land.
X2 Ka Raaz containing an adventure thriller urdu story of ali imran published in january 2014.Thriller starts when the secret of x2 revealed by tanveer in a cave.At the time ali imran was telling the mission information to sir sultan and suddenly tenveer entered in cave.
It was imran’s bad luck that tanveer’s micro calling watch named as stop watch connected to all team member and they were listing the secret of x2.This situation not only surprised to sir sultan but also ali imran. Raaz Ki Moat was a second part of this novel with full of action and Mystery.

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